How To Give A Grand Marriage Reception

A marriage is the union of two people who love each other but also the opportunity to celebrate his happiness with his family, his friends and relatives. Still it is necessary to find the ideal place that can accommodate all your guests and meet your needs and desires. Because it is crucial, choosing a reception venue can look like a real headache. We do not know where to start.

Here are some ideas to help you save your time while booking banquet halls in India:

The Right Timing

As soon as you have decided on a wedding date, usually 1 year before D-Day, look for the reception room. This search must be at the top of your schedule. As soon as you have found it, you will have done most of the work. Before launching the “Find our banquet hall” operation, it is important to estimate roughly how many guests you plan to receive. It will tell you the type of surface you will need.

Where to look?

Obviously in a geographical area that you like or is related to your story! The ideal is also to find a place easily accessible to all like marriage hall in Chembur, not too far from the place where the civil and / or religious ceremony will take place and relatively close to a station, an airport and hotels that will welcome your relatives from afar.

A Consequent Expense

As you can imagine there is a considerable financial difference between renting a castle and privatising room of parties. But that the small budgets are reassured, one can have as much fun in a decorated hangar as in a palace! It constitutes with the caterer the most important item of expenditure of the total cost of a marriage.

The 10 questions to ask before booking a room

1. What is the maximum capacity for a sit-down dinner, a standing cocktail? It takes 1m² per person for a sit-down dinner and 50 cm² for a buffet.

2. What precisely does the proposed price include: only the rental of the walls or all the reception equipment (chairs, tables, tableware)?

3. How long do you have in the room? What is the cost per hour of overtaking?

4. Is the caterer imposed by the owner of the premises or is it possible to bring the caterer of his choice?

5. Is it possible to dance, to bring in a DJ and other animators?

6. Do you have the right to decorate the room freely?

7. Will your wedding be the only one planned that day or will you have to share the show and the premises with another reception?

8. Is it possible to organise the wine of honour outside, to have a tent installed? What is meant for bad weather?

9. Is it possible to benefit from a negotiated rate under certain conditions: weekly rental, off-season?

10.What are the methods of payment: payment of a deposit or deposit, possibilities to pay in instalments, recourse in case of cancellation? To have a tent installed?

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