7 Questions To Be Answered To Ask Before Selecting Banquet Hall

Banquet halls are very popular these days as people avoid using their private space or houses for celebrations and ceremonies. But there are few factors which should be kept in mind while choosing a banquet hall. Like,

1. Where is the location?

This is one of the most important factors you should keep in mind while choosing banquet hall. The hall should be easily accessible from all parts of the city with good connectivity by bus, metro, rails and cab services if you want maximum number of guests to participate in the celebration.

2. How is the ambience?

The banquet hall you choose reflect your class and status in the society. From lavish dining halls to sprawling lawns for open-air parties, the best banquet halls have all arrangements to give a sophisticated look to your party.

3. What is the cost?

Cost is one of the important factors that you must keep in mind while choosing a marriage hall. Choose a banquet hall where there are no hidden costs and all the transactions are transparent.

4. Who will make the food arrangements?

Some of the premium banquet halls in Mumbai such as Natraj Avenues, also provide you with the catering services. choose this kind of hall to have a complete hassle free celebration of your D-day. These halls have their own chefs who can prepare diverse number of delicious dishes as per your preference.

5. What are the extra facilities?

Besides an open-air area and a hall, some of the good banquet halls come with exquisite facilities like a swimming pool, gardens decorated with flowers and hospitable staff.

6. What is the capacity?

Another significant factor that you must check is the number of guests the marriage hall can accommodate; a congested space will lead to dissatisfaction of your guests.

7. What is the feedback?

Last but not the least; check the testimonials available at the website of the best banquet halls. The feedback of the other users will give you an idea about the quality of services that you can expect.


5 Important Things to Avoid When Organizing a Party

People who book grand banquet halls to host a party often do so without hiring professional help. This is understandable, considering that not all parties are huge events where you would be looking to host hundreds of guests and spending a huge budget. However, there are some typical things to avoid when you are hosting an event. These small factors often affect the party in very subtle ways, so you must avoid them and prepare in advance.

Here are 5 things to avoid when organising a party, and cleverly prepare for –

#1 – Never Book a Remote Venue:

Even the best banquet halls in Mumbai may not be located in a centralised part of the city where travelling is easy. Before you book any venue, consider where your guests will be travelling to, and always make sure that you have chosen a convenient central location. Also consider the typical traffic conditions of that area.

#2 – Always Have Security:

You may be organising a small get-together with friends and family, and feel that security is not that important. However, considering that it is a party, always have a few professional security guards at the venue. Thankfully, most of the big banquet halls provide ample security for an ordinary social occasion.

#3 – Never Ignore the Importance of a Travel Service:

People who attend the party will enter in a very jovial and excited mood, but they rarely think about what happens after. Make sure that you aren’t left with stranded guests and without adequate travel arrangements. Always have a few free vehicles at hand to help guests return home after the party is over.

#4 – Don’t Serve Drinks Without Professional Bartenders:

If you are serving any kind of alcoholic drinks at the party, always hire professional bartenders. The best banquet halls would already have skilled bartenders within their staff, and their services will be invaluable. Not only will they keep a close account of the drinks; but they can identify the individuals who have had too much, and tactfully control their drinking from behind the bar!

#5 – Make Sure You Tip The Service Staff Properly:

How much you enjoy a party has a lot to do with the service of the staff, and it is a clever tactic to tip them in two phases. Since most banquet halls provide you skilled service personnel beforehand, you should pay them a small advanced tip before the party starts. This generosity gives them the enthusiasm to make your event more comfortable and memorable.

5 Things You Must Do For a Truly Grand Wedding Reception

As one of the most posh cities in India, where Bollywood styled dream weddings are so common; a good location is one of the more important factors. Some of the top wedding halls in Chembur; and such other specially scenic locations around the city, are renowned for providing the perfect environment for such grand weddings. These hospitality establishments are well prepared to organise and facilitate weddings; and provide the hospitality staff and specific services needed for such an occasion. However, there is much more to organising a grand wedding apart from booking a large banquet hall at a scenic location.

wedding reception

Here are 5 important things you must aptly prepare for a truly grand wedding –

#1: Arrange for the Flowers

Even if you have booked the grandest banquet hall with a great ambiance; you still need a good flower decorator. Not all decorators able to live up to expectations during the peak wedding season. Thankfully, you can ask the banquet hall for their in-house vendors, which saves you a lot of hassle!

#2: Always Double Check the Menu –

Always have a complete tasting session, and double check the menu well in advance with your catering service. No one wants a situation where the catering doesn’t live up to the grandeur of the event! Also remember to have the catering arrangement planned and spread out well over the entire venue.

#3: Prepare for the Travel Logistics –

One of the common things people forget to prepare for during a wedding is to arrange transportation properly. Always have a few extra vehicles available, and consult a proper travel agency when necessary.

#4: Have Necessary Accommodations –

While you can rent a Natraj Garden, a grand wedding hall in Chembur rather easily, it is not always easy to find hotel accommodations nearby for the guests. Always book rooms at a good hotel, or holiday in within an hour’s drive from your venue.

#5: Contact the Right Service Providers –

When you’re booking any banquet hall for a long and complicated event like a wedding, you would need the services of several professional vendors. While a good banquet hall would have their own list of capable in-house service providers, it is important to coordinate with them in advance so that the vendors can provide services that serve your expectations.

3 Solid Reasons Why You Must Book A Banquet Hall For Event

Whether the company or the business group has plan to host the dinner, employee meeting or just the get together, a press conference. In all these occasions the banquet halls can be the best option. Banquet halls are found at the venues like the convention centres, resorts and the conference buildings and so on. It is the true fact that the accessibility and the quality of those banquet halls cannot be judged by seeing the website. It is better that you go to the place yourself and check the hall.

banquet hall for events

picture credit Pixabay

There are various criteria to choose the banquet for the event. The first thing is the type of event for which you are looking for the banquet hall, the second factor is the activities planned, the third factor is the number if guests coming to the party, the type of amenities available in the party and the last one is the accessibility and the distance of the banquet hall. These are some of the factors that you should keep in mind when you are selecting the banquet for the corporate events. Along with selecting the corporate events, it is better that you choose the best catering services to give the event the best appearance and the guests will remember the occasion for years.

1. How much room is available for each guest :

If you are thinking of a great event, be sure that the banquet hall that you are booking should be having enough space for the guests. If the banquet hall is small, the invitees will feel uncomfortable. The hall that you are choosing should be large enough so that there is no unused space left. If the hall is large enough, make it available for all the guests coming.

2. Event type :

The second thing that is to consider is the type of event that you are organising at the banquet hall. If the hall is booked for the wedding, then the entire decoration will be different than the parties of the corporate sectors. The corporate events are more formal than the personal occasions. So, when you are hiring the banquet hall for the corporate parties, be sure that you are hiring from a reputed company.

3. Check the condition of the place :

When you are booking the hall, be sure that you are checking the condition of the place before finalising the entire contract. Check the exit and the entrance of the hall, parking area, lighting and the area of dining. They are very important to judge on.

These are the major factors that you should consider when you are booking the banquet hall. But, apart from these points, you should check the price of the hall or the rental fees. Natraj Garden, a lavish Banquet hall in Mumbai for weddings is very big and it can accommodate more than 800 invitees.