Natraj Avenues

Where is it?

Natraj Avenues is located in one of Mumbai’s most prime and well-connected suburbs, Chembur. You can find our space on Dr. C.G. Road in Chembur.

How big is it?

Natraj Avenues is a 5000 sq.ft. (carpet) large, air-conditioned space.

What is its capacity?

Natraj Avenues can accommodate between 100 to 400 people.

What kind of event is it ideal for?

This banquet hall is stylish space with a contemporary design, rendering it the perfect option for wedding ceremonies, corporate events and cocktail parties.

Why Natraj Avenues?

The design – Natraj Avenues has been created with a special focus on design – our space reflects a contemporary aesthetic that will set the perfect ambience for your event!

The size – Parties that have guests crammed in to a tiny space are so passé! Our banquet hall gives you the opportunity to treat your invitees to an uber comfortable experience, wherein they will have ample space to do everything: socialize, eat and make merry! In fact, Natraj Avenues is the only pillar-less banquet areas in suburban Mumbai.

Limited decoration needed – Natraj Avenues will save you all the hassle and cost that comes with decoration.The beautiful space requires little more than your happy
guests and our great food to get the party going!

The location – Natraj Avenues’ location in Chembur makes it the ideal place for any event, as guests arriving from all over Mumbai will find it convenient to travel here. While Chembur is connected to North Mumbai through XYZ, it is now easily accessible to South Mumbai through the Freeway!